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Here, you'll find resources that have been carefully crafted just for you to successfully navigate the BFA audition process.

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a course for BFA audition success...

Navigate and prepare for the BFA program of your dreams like a pro.

We've created a self-paced 33-lesson online course to decode and prepare for the BFA audition process.

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The Musical Theater Codex books empower performers to develop a character-type-driven repertoire.

The codex indexes songs from over 178 musical theater scores from 1925 to current shows and showcases solo, duet, and ensemble selections.

Available in soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and full volumes.

also available in vocal type volumes...


musical theater vocal coaching...

Results-driven vocal coaching for musical theater professionals, students, and amateurs.

You have vocal goals. 
We can get you there.

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a podcast...

A behind-the-curtain podcast with tips and never before heard stories from top musical theater professionals to help you decode the secrets to your musical theater success.

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