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Racial Bias In Grading Performance

By Anita | November 12, 2019

Racial bias are two nasty words that no one wants to claim as a personal trait.  But we all have some sort of bias.  Racial…

Why Didn’t I Get A Callback?

By Anita | November 8, 2019

Not getting a callback after an audition is often seen as a reflection on how well you did or how valid you are as a…

Dismissing Plain Featured Performers

By Anita | November 5, 2019

Don’t judge a book by its cover? Of course everyone does.  Many think that showbusiness is for beautiful extroverts with broad personalities that can augment any…

Increase Believability In Your Performance

By Anita | November 1, 2019

If Ursula (the character from The Little Mermaid) walked in the an audition room (as a real person; or Sea Witch) and sang “In My…

Sneaky Bias Of Attractiveness

By Anita | October 29, 2019

Elle Woods in Legally Blonde had to overcome the stigma of being a brainless beauty at Harvard Law School while Warner Huntington III was looked…

Singing And Talking Are Not Vocal Warmups

By Anita | October 3, 2019

  Online Tutorial Do You Know Your Character Type Check out the three-part Podcast that discusses Vocal Tips for the Serious Singer

Vocal Warmups Are As Important As Physical Exercise

By Anita | September 5, 2019

10 Vocal Fundamentals #1 Vocal Warm Ups & Physical Exercise from The Musical Theater Codex on Vimeo.

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Welcome to the Musical Theater Codex!

By Anita | September 4, 2019

A post to welcome you to the Musical Theater Codex and the resources you can utilize for musical theater success.

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